Laurie Thomson, London, Ontario, Canada

I've shot so many different things over the last few years and have found that I keep coming back to my early love of horses and photographing people and then there are landscapes and macro and...:)

I have gone to a number of workshops over the years - some were intense, some were more location shoots and some were just for fun! I never knew what to expect until I got there.

Each workshop taught me something, whether it was to remember to bring a certain piece of gear 'next time', or to finally get a landscape photo totally in focus from top to bottom or to hear about another workshop that a fellow participant shared.

Now, time to 'focus' - well, I thought I could but I love the variety of what I shoot! A friend of mine had a daughter whose business slogan was "Jill of all trades and master of most" and I think that is a pretty good goal for my photography - I'm just going to keep learning!

Please contact me if there is a print that might interest you or an event that you think I should photograph! I just might be home to do it!